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Direct Deposit Payday Loans

What would you do if unexpected guests come to visit you and plan to stay? You know that your month’s paycheck is not enough to cover your monthly expenses, so how will you manage this extra spend. Emergency cash requirements may crop up in any way – unexpected guests, illness, accident, injury, loss of a job, and so on.

In most cases, the first reflex of people would be to get a loan. However, there are many constraints to getting cash advance from a traditional bank or credit union. You will need to contact a bank representative or visit the bank to apply for the deposit loans. You may need to visit the bank several times and have numerous meetings with the manager.

The conventional bank loan application process involves a lot of paperwork and documentation. Even after the loan application is submitted, there is no guarantee of approval. The banks will perform a thorough check of the credit score and rating, and your request for deposit loans is not accepted if you have a bad credit score.

So, after a long wait, the bank may tell you that your application is not approved. That means all your efforts and time spent on the application process go in vain. Thankfully, there is a quicker way to get guaranteed money, known as direct deposit payday loans. Do you wish to find out more? Then let’s get started.

What Are Payday Loans Direct Deposit

Payday Loans Direct Deposit

These are the types of short term personal loans offered by a group of direct lenders. The loan’s name suggests that the cash advance is transferred directly to the checking bank account after you sign the loan agreement online. There are no credit checks, no paperwork, or waiting to cash the checks.

It would help if you found the direct lenders in your locality who offer payday deposit loans online (E.g., Massat Loan). After you submit the application form duly filled with the required details, you should be able to see money in your account on the same day or the next business day. In most cases, the deposit loans hit the bank within 24 hours.

With this quick loan type, you can get as little as 100 dollars or as much as 1,000 dollars, 5,000 dollars, or even more. The money is paid based on your paycheck to help you tide over the unexpected expenses until the next salary date.

The repayment is usually made in full amount in 14 days or 30 days, depending upon the date agreed at the time of taking payday loans. The lender gets repayment of the loan by advance checks given to them.

Alternatively, the borrower may give access to the online account to allow the lender to withdraw the funds, loan amount, plus interest rates. You can do the entire process from the loan application, loan agreement, and repayment of the loan online.

Why Are Online Direct Deposit Payday Loans so Popular

Online Direct Deposit Payday Loans

It does not take a genuine understanding of why online payday loans offered by direct lenders have become so popular in modern times. If you have not applied for a payday loan before and wonder whether you should go for one, then here are a few things to consider.

  • The lender doesn’t check the credit score during the payday loan approval, so even if you have a poor rating in a credit check, you still stand a fair chance of getting a cash advance.
  • The direct lender sites are easily accessible 24/7, so you can apply at any time you prefer. Some lenders may also offer weekend loans, so there are urgent requirements that can’t wait.
  • You can fill the application form in a few minutes with some basic requirements. You can expect the money to reach your account on the same or next business day.
  • If you do not have a checking or savings bank account, the payday lenders will still give you a loan by loading money onto your prepaid debit card.
  • You can also pay back the loan online from your bank account or card without having to go to a bank or meeting any representative.
  • Whether you have a small requirement or a need for a considerable advance, direct deposit loans save you from borrowing money from your friends.
  • You may also opt for installment payday loans that allow you to repay the amount in small and equal installments spread across a period of 3, 6, and 12 months. Talk to the lenders about it.
  • There is no collateral needed to submit for these direct deposit loans as they are unsecured. To get started, you need to be a resident of the country, employed and account for the quick deposit payday.
  • They usually have a high-interest rate, but when you don’t have other options available, this is a small price you pay for the peace of mind offered.
  • Some critics say that borrowers fall into the cycle of seeking payday loans every time. However, this is not true if you are careful about how you spend the money.

Who Can Apply for Direct Deposit Payday Loans Online

The eligibility requirements for payday loans are pretty straightforward, explaining why so many people get approved for a cash advance. As there are very few things that the lenders check before approving a loan, you can expect the money faster.

Here are the eligibility criteria:
  • The applicant should be 18 years and above.
  • Should have nationality proof of the country in which he resides
  • Should be employed or have an income source
  • Must provide a bank account
  • Must have a valid email address

When the borrower fills up the online application, he needs to enter all the details, which takes hardly a few minutes. The lender requires no paperwork or document; however, there are some exceptions. If you have an alternate income source, such as a grant or social security benefits, you will need to provide your bank account statements to prove that regular payments are received.

If you do not have a checking bank account, some payday lenders may also accept savings accounts or a prepaid debit card. However, you may need to contact the lender using the phone number provided on the website to determine your options.

Frequently Asked Questions on Direct Deposit Payday Loans

Do I Have to Have Direct Deposit to Get a Payday Loan?

Yes, most direct deposit payday loan lenders require you to have a checking or at least a savings bank account where they can send the money directly. However, if you do not have a direct deposit facility, you still stand a chance of getting a quick loan.

To get cash, you will need to use your prepaid debit card or credit card. The direct lender may accept the social security cards or SSI card in some cases. Some payday loan lenders may even agree to give you a cash loan at hand after approval in the absence of these.

What Is a Direct Deposit Cash Advance?

Just as the name suggests, these types of quick short-term loans are offered by direct lenders who deposit the loan amount directly to your bank via wire transfer. The application process is online and fast. You can expect to have the money in your bank account on the same day if you apply before 11 am. Latest, you may expect to get it by the next business day.

Can I Get a Payday Loan Deposited on a Prepaid Debit Card?

Yes, many borrowers who do not have a checking or savings account in any bank can still apply and get loans by direct deposit using the prepaid debit card. Many people prefer having deposit loans loaded to the card to use it to make transactions with ease. Users also find it convenient to pay back the lender using their prepaid debit card.

How Can I Get a Quick Payday Loan Fast?

When you want a direct deposit to your account quickly to meet urgent requirements staring at your face, we suggest that you apply for the direct deposit payday loans. As the lender does not require any credit score check or paperwork for the online application process, it is much faster than you think.

You can expect to get the quick payday loan to get directly deposited into your account within 24 hours. However, let’s not forget that the lender still has all rights reserved to accept or reject a loan application or deposit only as much as they think the borrower can payback.

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